Walking the Landscape

Catchment Profile Story Maps

Follow the links below to the interactive Story Map for each catchment.  Find maps, detailed catchment information, management considerations and more.

Barron Catchment Profile Story Map
Cairns Urban
Cairns Urban Area
Daintree Catchment
Daintree Catchment Profile Story Map
Lower Herbert Catchment
Herbert Catchment Profile Story Map
Lower Johnstone Catchment
Johnstone Catchment Profile Story Map
Mossman Catchment
Mossman Catchment Profile Story Map
Mulgrave Catchment
Mulgrave Catchment Profile Story Map
Russell Catchment
Russell Catchment Profile Story Map
Tully Catchment Profile Story Map

The Walking the Landscape process takes its name from the facilitated workshop process, which brings experts together to systematically 'walk the landscape' of an area, resulting in a whole-of-system understanding and collective, targeted solutions to issues. 

Walking the Landscape incorporates existing data with diverse knowledge on landscape components and processes, both natural and human, using water flows as the focus.  This data is then presented in a simple, accessible format with interactive mapping systems for spatial analysis. 

The end result is a whole-of-landscape understanding of the catchment, which is widely accessible, allowing for improved NRM decision making.

Walking the Landscape: Wet Tropics

The Walking the Landscape process has been completed for a range of Wet Tropics catchments.

To see the detailed Story Map for each catchment, including maps, a catchment overview, management considerations and priority actions, please click on the links to the right.

To view more information on the Priority Actions for each catchment, click on the relevant link below:

Walking the Landscape: Cairns Urban Catchments

Priority Actions

Systems Repair in Lower Cattana Sub-basin (Avondale, Yorkeys, JCU Creeks)

Riparian Corridor Restoration Along Freshwater Creek

Hydrological Study for Cairns Central Swamp

Riparian Replanting of Cairns Urban Creeks

System Repair in Agricultural Landscapes in Southern Trinity Inlet Creeks

Walking the Landscape: Daintree Catchment

Priority Actions

Reconnect Creek Line Riparian Vegetation: Niau, Little Niau and Martin

Control of Pond Apple in Lower Daintree and Cow Bay

Best Management Practice (BMP) Grazing in the Stewart Catchment

Road Sediment Management for Cooper and Tachalbadga Creeks  

Investigate Oxbow Lake’s Effectiveness as a Large Scale Natural Treatment System or Bioreactor

Walking the Landscape: Mossman Catchment

Priority Actions

Deliver a BMP Program to Reduce Erosion into Saltwater Creek

Riparian Restoration, Drainage and Wetland Repair in Carson Sub-catchment

Sediment Reduction in Mowbray River

BMP to Reduce Erosion in Cassowary Creek

Walking the Landscape: Mulgrave Catchment

Priority Actions

Rehabilitate and Reinstate Wetlands on Marginal Cane Land in the Mulgrave Catchment

System Repair and Water Quality Treatment in the Fishery and Fig Tree Creek Sub-catchments

Wetland Restoration Between Lower Mulgrave and Malbon Thompson Range

Systems Repair in the Aloomba Bends Vicinity

Continued Rehabilitation of Greenpatch and Adjoining Sections of Mulgrave River

Walking the Landscape: Lower Herbert Catchment

Priority Actions

Rehabilitating Allingham Wetlands  (Mandam, Fullers, Mungana - near Forrest Beach) 

Restoration of Cattle Creek Wetlands and Associated Tributaries (Trebonne, Cattle and Francis Creeks) 

Rehabilitating Ripple Creek Wetlands 

Restoration of the Southern Herbert Coastal Waterway Aggregation (Easter Creek south to Byabra Creek) 

Stone River Catchment Systems Repair 

Walking the Landscape: Lower Johnstone Catchment

Priority Actions
Management Considerations

Improved Water Quality in the North Johnstone River

For more information on the Management Considerations for each section of the Johnstone Catchment, please click on the link to download the map.

Walking the Landscape Johnstone Management Unit Map

Showcasing Landscape-Scale Wetland Restoration

Whole of Catchment Water Quality Improvement - Maria Creek

Reducing Soil Loss - Nerada / East Palmerston 

Improved Land Management for Better Water Quality – Liverpool Creek

Reconnecting and Restoring Wetland Systems - Ninds Creek

Practice Change to Protect Wetlands - Moresby

Walking the Landscape: Russell Catchment

Priority Actions
Management Considerations

Fluvial Assessment for Targeted Remediation Options – Mid-Russell River 

For more information on the Management Considerations for each section of the Russell Catchment, please click on the link to download the map.

Walking the Landscape Russell Management Unit Map

Rehabilitation of Babinda Swamp Drainage System

Investigation of Catchment Repair Options - Babinda Creek

East-West Riparian Connections - Russell River National Park to Bellenden Ker Range

Fluvial Assessment for Riparian Rehabilitation - Russell River (East Russell) 

Walking the Landscape: Tully Catchment

Priority Actions
Management Considerations

Tully Syndicate Catchment Repair Options

For more information on the Management Considerations for each section of the Tully Catchment, please click on the link to download the map.

Walking the Landscape Tully Management Unit Map

Integrated, Innovative Treatment Systems – Boar, Brick, Michael Creeks

Banana BMP for Improved Water Quality – Tully Valley

Targeted Community Engagement to Identify Priority Actions – Banyan

Installation and Monitoring of Water Treatment Systems – Davidson Creek

Enhancing Existing Wetlands - Lower Tully 

BMP to Reduce Sediment From Bananas - Mission Beach

Walking the Landscape – Murray Catchment

Walking the Landscape: Upper Barron Catchment

Priority Actions


Walking the Landscape: Upper Johnstone Catchment

Priority Actions


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